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These are the first steps for a brand-driven strategy.

Especially times of Corona, people are looking for credible information. Governmental organisations should play an important role here — and they need to be identified as a brand. That’s what I learned during my master’s program “Content Strategy” at FH Joanneum. I previously worked for the city of Graz and what I learned at my university pretty makes sense for governmental organisations too.

The city of Graz has 331.359 citizens. That means 331.359 individuals with different information needs — reaching from birth to death — regarding their lives. As a governmental organisation and municipality, you are the first source of…

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Advice from an employee in a governmental organisation and previous journalist

We are all pretty sick off the pandemic and dream our lives before corona back. Me too, although — or even because I deal with the pandemic in my daily work. I’m working in the department of external communications of the city of Graz. Communication about measures against the pandemic and the vaccination are part of my job. How to get through to the people tired of the pandemic? That’s an essential question for governmental organisations as well as for media outlets and journalists. Here are my learnings from work.

1. Acknowledge that you don’t know everything

The pandemic proved us how quickly things change and how…

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How a community develops and stays alive

Communities are more or less part of my job. That’s why I pretty enjoyed the lectures about community management in my master’s program Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM — as well as reading through sources about the subject. And yes, many aspects mentioned in them pretty match what I experience at work.

I’m working in the the department of external communications of the city of Graz. Graz has 331.359 citizens — a quite big community with lots of diverse needs and interests. As a responsible for our online and social media channels, I get in touch and engage with…

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How reflection in-action works for my posts.

Reflect the writing of one of your posts in-action. That was the task I got assigned in my “content strategy” master study programme at FH Joanneum. I have to admit, I felt a bit uncomfortable with it at the beginning. What’s the benefit for everyone except my university teacher (sorry jupidu, please read further, there is light at the end of the tunnel 😉) reading about it? And I have to admit, in my jobs as a journalist and content creator it was more about delivering lots of content in a quick amount of time. …

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And how their interplay can be beneficial

Is SEO the new content marketing? That question arose most frequently during my research for the “Content marketing” lecture of my “content strategy” master study programme at FH Joanneum.

“Why Content Marketing is the New SEO” was the headline of the first article I came upon my research for the topic. The outlook in the Quick Sprout blog post seems quite promising:

“Content marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to do SEO these days. Not only does writing high quality content produce links at a quicker pace than building them manually, but it’s also cheaper. …

Man with a smartphone taking a photo of a building.
Man with a smartphone taking a photo of a building.
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It’s not rocket science. You can already get good results and break barriers with just a few basics.

There are 1.1 billion people with disabilities living on the planet. Before the lecture “Accessibility & Multi Screen Design” by Eric Eggert in my master’s program Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM I had no idea about this number. And: Accessibility of the web matters to all of us. Disabilities are as diverse as humans and range from blindness, low vision, learning disabilities to (temporal) physical disabilities after an accident. …

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Or: Why the feelings and needs of your readers are not automatically what you have decided for them.

Bias is all around us. That’s one important learning of my master’s program Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM. In my “User research course” it was all about this topic and how to create a good user experience.

In my daily, stressful work as a journalist deep reflection often comes too badly. Tight deadlines and the pressure of being the first with the best story don’t leave so much space for regular reflection. During my studies, I recognised how important it is to take a step back from daily routines and just take your time to think. Why?

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You have more than one channel for your editorial product and don’t know how to bring them together? Learn how online and TV can play together in a harmonic and benefical way.

Content strategy can be a though topic for journalistic products. I also made this experience during my master’s program Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM. I had to write a project work and developed a content strategy — for two editorial products. And yeah, it was challenging, but worked pretty well in the end.

I created a content strategy for “Entenfellners Tierwelt”. Entenfellners Tierwelt” is a cooperation between the Austrian private TV station ServusTV and the national daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. Both media outlets are partly using the same content about animals from the weekly TV show, but they don’t…

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You’re sceptical about presenting your news content on TikTok? Here’s why you should take the plunge into a world of funny videos and young challenges.

When I first took a look at TikTok, I also asked myself: “What the f*k am I doing here? Am I already too old for this?” I looked at all those funny videos and couldn’t image how news content would work here.

Yeah, most of the videos on TikTok are trivial. But that shouldn’t prevent you as a journalist from sharing content on TikTok and get in touch with a younger audience. It gets harder and harder for media outlets to reach the so-called generation z. Many of the them never held a printed newspaper in their hands and TV…

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How content strategy helps you to get the most out of your content in times of lockdown and quarantine.

Corona times are challenging for all of us — especially for journalists. Due to the lockdown it’s getting hard to find interview partners and to finish some stories. Especially freelance journalists often have to face existential worries in the current situation.

Yeah, the situation is hard — but no need to bury your head in the sand. There are a few things you can do with your existing content during nearly unoccupied times. In my master’s program Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM I got to know some tools — useful for freelance journalists as well as for media outlets…

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